Mondial Vins Extrêmes - 2019

Record Edition!

Guide of award-winning wines

This 2019 Edition of Mondial des Vins Extrêmes has beaten the record in terms of numbers of wines, wineries and countries participating.

This year, 922 wines were registered for 340 wineries coming from 25 different countries! Whilst wines from Cyprus, Malta, Bolivia and Peru were entered for the very first time, Croatian, Andorran, Luxembourgish wines made a comeback as well as Palestinian and Cape Verdean wines and, after many years finally, Hungarian wines. In Italy, 18 regions participated, two of them for the first time: Basilicata and Molise.

"This year has marked a record edition", president of the Cervim Roberto Gaudio underlines. "The numbers serve as evidence to show the increasing importance of our competition as well as the growing interest of wineries for it. They also confirm its international position amongst the largest wine competitions, considering our Mondial is entirely focused on wines produced in peculiar conditions, according to certain terms of admission. We are also very proud to welcome new countries every year - this year, Peru, Bolivia, Cyprus and Malta. Amongst Italian regions, Basilicata and Molise were present for the first time."

279 awarded wines with 17 Big Gold Medals, 198 gold medals and 64 silver medals.

20 special prizes awarded including the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2019 Prize, intended for the region that has participated with the highest number of wines, won this year by the Canary Islands.

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