Mondial Vins Extrêmes - 2020

Great participation despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.


The Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2020 did not stop even in the face of the difficulties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. It was an edition with great participation second only to the record one of 2019.

There were, in fact, 785 wines in competition, of which 425 from Italy  and 360 from 18 countries around the world, with the absolute novelties represented by China and the United States, in addition to wines from Andorra , Argentina, Cape Verde, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, State of Palestine, Switzerland.

297 participating wineries, of which 169 from Italy and 128 from abroad.

"We are very satisfied - emphasizes Stefano Celi, the new president of Cervim - with the results of this edition, because despite the difficulties dictated by the international situation caused by Covid 19, we were able to organize the tastings, which in recent months was not so obvious, and obtain important numbers of participation.

At the end of the selections, the 30 international tasters all agreed to underline the very high quality of the participating wines since this year only Great Gold Medals (20) and Gold Medals (220) were awarded as they reach the 30% of the wines presented in the competition.

In addition, 22 special prizes awarded, including the Vinofed Award awarded, starting this year, in all wine competitions belonging to the Federation of Great World Wine Competitions, which is awarded to the best dry wine that obtained the best score in the competition.

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