Extreme Spirits International Contest

The international competition dedicated to "heroic" spirits

After almost thirty years of experience in organising the "Mondial des Vins Extrêmes" wine competition, the only world wine event specifically dedicated to wines produced in areas characterised by heroic viticulture, with the same aim, CERVIM has thought to organize a new international competition called "EXTREME SPIRITS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST". This time, the contest is expressly dedicated to  distillates of vinous origin (pomace, lees and wine) coming from the same areas. The aim is always to enhance the hard work and the distilled products that derive from it, as well as encouraging and orienting the consumer towards the choice of those particular products.

Starting from the 2023 edition, the competition is also open to aromatized wines, whose base wine is produced with grapes grown always in areas characterized by heroic viticulture.

Below you can download the competition regulations.


The “EXTREME SPIRITS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST – 2023” - is open to all distillates of vinous origin (pomace, lees and wine) made from grapes grown in vineyards presenting at least one of the following permanent structural difficulties:

- altitude higher than 500 metres above sea level, excluding vineyards on high plateaus;
- slopes with gradients greater than 30%;
- vines grown on terraces or embankments;
- vines grown on small islands;

and to all aromatised wines, the basic wine of which is produced from grapes grown under at least one of the above mentioned conditions.

All companies which produce and all firms that buy and commercialize spirits under their own brand can participate to the Competition.

Registrations are made manually, using the PDF application form below.

Once filled in (directly on the file) and signed, the original has to be firstly sent by e-mail to the address segreteria@cervim.it  and then put in the shipping box together with the samples.

Download the application form

The admitted samples

To select the participating spirits and aromatised wines, experienced tasters of the sector coming from all over the world, meet in committees of 5 tasters each.

Entries are divided in 7 categories:

1 – Unaged Grappas and Spirits of marc;
2 – Unaged Grappas and Spirits of aromatic marc (coming from aromatic grape varieties);
3 – Aged Grappas and Spirits of marc (with permanence in wooden barrels for at least 12 months);
4 – “RESERVES AGED” or “VERY OLD” Grappas and Spirits of marc (with permanence in wooden barrels for at least 18 months);
5 – Grape Distillates;
6 – Wine Distillates (Brandy, Cognac, etc);
7 - Aromatised wines.


At the end of the tastings, the final classification is drawn up and, considering the scores obtained, the prizes are divided into: Grand Gold Medal, Gold Medal and Silver Medal.

Other Special Prizes are awarded, such as the prize to the best spirit and the best aromatised wine of the Competition, the prize to the best spirit for each category (having at least 5 samples entered) and, finally, a special prize for the best “packaging” (lable and bottle) which better reflects the link with the heroic viticulture of the production. The award will be decided by a Jury of experts in the field.

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