Registration to the Extreme Spirits IC

The “Extreme Spirits International Contest – 2021” - is open to all distillates of vinous origin (pomace, lees and wine) made from grapes grown in vineyards presenting at least one of the following permanent structural difficulties:

- altitude higher than 500 metres above sea level, excluding vineyards on high plateaus;
- slopes with gradients greater than 30%;
- vines grown on terraces or embankments;
- vines grown on small islands.

All Wineries which produce and all firms that buy and commercialize spirits under their own brand can participate to the Competition.

Registrations are made manually, using the PDF application form below.

Once filled in (directly on the file) and signed, the original has to be firstly sent by e-mail to the address and then put in the shipping box together with the samples.

Download the application form

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