Mondial des Vins Extrêmes - 2017

The ceremony award concluded the 25th edition

The 25th edition of the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes, the international competition dedicated to heroic viticulture organized by Cervim, is now over. The award ceremony took place on the weekend at Forte di Bard (Aosta Valley) as part of Vins Extrêmes 2017, an event that brought together more than two thousand wine lovers in one of the most suggestive places in the Aosta Valley.

With 740 participating wines, this one was a record edition with 306 companies from 15 countries all over the world, from Madeira to Georgia, from Palestine to Argentina. The award-winning wines were 220 and in the days of Vins Extrêmes it was possible to taste them in the tasting stand dedicated to the contest.

The awards ceremony brought together representatives of institutions, specialists, media professionals and above all producers, who were the real protagonists of this event. A satisfaction for the president of the Cervim, Roberto Gaudio: "An unforgettable edition – underlines the president of the Cervim – with increasing numbers and a growing interest of the companies as evidenced by the big participation in the awards ceremony of producers coming from very far away as the Canary Islands or Georgia. Another reason for the pride of the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes was the promotion of native grape varieties: in the competition – adds Gaudio – there were wines produced by 120 grape varieties, 110 autochthones and 10 international. A fact that further testifies that the heroic viticulture represents a true heritage of wine biodiversity in Italy and in all over the world and the market response certifies the importance of the only international competition dedicated to heroic wines".

It is the only competition in the world specifically dedicated to wines produced in particular contexts, named heroic: vineyards grown at more than 500 meters above the sea level, or located in lands with a slope of 30% or more, terraces or in small islands.

The photos of the ceremony award are avalaible on the facebook page cervim - viticoltura eroica;5JzYq86GvT2YzdDV3NHNwE6ln2h8DpPADkXIgASIWWEWSKPMCTwC6kACQPpANULSgFCAvaU~;ZL0e3alRL~;kBRPYWXL~_AAyFW0ykvKF9JGT2GuB5DDbHO0YzjT7aMjXg7qC8kBdeBlVdfuAzXgl1SIeIAs0HqzRNWBHNALnAHycngMoAVhkcT9VUkYFJYLWqCID6AxuRAmtC5Xlmn64OtDcA4atgrWUegCcQDiBQqTJU6h2Iv49pHyLHyJVmH2cnitQRz0FNXXWMiAzcGZAF9IwTG3G65hssuaLDQhviHCo6BTSAxYk0XRaYl~_4M3CN4u4QkGxIPyB7HVMEoqsUyTKml3ZhMnMF9K4QuoN0Wk9r3VlbI5yDVLB9vUMUmmE6M6iqqPYWdQcOa4PdaxSc1epwS9H9CkCF0SyJmvKgAsprFLtOi0MR7TDadOA7cPweVjf52Gv2Sg9P4xhYdj6YRIIudM2KSh0~_0h5l5x9F2SKpHJ7MRtQH4BjweuYBU5KYqe1nE7lOi0Y5LkG2Xxz~;jXWipA7KZ9Z~;GZxfsu2ygOCRckZ5HOFflfohsZ4nz5xiwFXxXAwztupz1naje~_BZXOsY443me3LUXhh7N4gr0KndKAnJDYk6C3b8jwNnir7b5AQHD~;dSYXicKnWsXDsNvVAzHNxh5vPocjOq4KHkbWvSk0OuhyNB0VjzyEZd0pnUBIMUv8lVXkvVKTvravwy0FlvWBuzPoAvijj~;aL0vY1PkXqKQo71Q8VpFHFAoNjWVfAWUn5VohHip8AvibL0HxQ~_k7M~-.bps.a.1969115993369127.1073741835.1638009073146489/1969116190035774/?type=3&theater

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