Results of the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2021

The Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2021, whose tastings were held on 15 and 16 July, selected 18 Big Gold Medals, 198 Gold Medals and 68 Silver Medals.

In addition, 22 special prizes were awarded.

The Mondial featured 838 wines presented by 302 companies from 22 countries around the world.

The award ceremony will be held in Milan, Bovara Palace, the 10th Ocotber 2021 at 2.30 pm.

Below you can download the list of awarded wines and special prizes awarded.

From this year the guide is interactive, clicking on the company name will automatically open the winery website.

It is also possible to immediately arrive at the state or region of interest directly from the index. In the case of Italy, from the initial map it is possible to go directly to the region of interest by clicking on the dot. The sponsor pages are also interactive.

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