Mondial Vins Extrêmes - 2016

Two hundred and forty-four awarded etiquettes with 8 grand golden medals, 96 golden medals and 140 silver medals, numbers that express the high quality of the heroic  viticulture spread  worldwide. With wines, coming from 15 Italian regions, from Argentina  and Armenia, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan,  Lebanon, Luxembourg, Andorra, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

In the center of the attention were of course the local vineyards (120 present, from 738 registered) authentic symbols of biodiversity among other vineyards.  These  are in short therms the numbers that  certify the record edition of the international contest Mondial des Vins Extremes – organized by CERVIM – which took place in July in Aosta, and which has seen it’s conclusive event in the weekend of 12 November in Milan, at Palazzo Giuriconsulti – the event included the awarding of all the winning wines  and a tasting event which has been appreciated by the many wine lovers. An event-day which begun with a round table dedicated to the heroic viticulture, organized by Lobardy Region UnionChambers and CERVIM , in collaboration with  the Autonomic Region of Aosta Valley and VIVAL (Viticultor’s Association of Aosta Valley) and in partnership with  the Valdostan Chamber of  Companies and Professions and Valoritalia.

<< For sure, a positive balance –says the president of CERVIM, Roberto Gaudio – witnessed by the high number of participants. We must always remember to be grateful to the viticulturist for their everyday heroic  work : this final event has been an important moment of visibility for the awarded viticulturist but it represents only a small recognition of their activity. We also had the insurance that  the Regions, the Institutions  , the chambers of commerce, believe in this type of viticulture that needs help and support, both direct and indirect>> Quality at the highest levels for the awarded wines <

<< Lombardy has a long tradition of mountain wines –said Gianni Fava, Agriculture Assessor of Lombardy Region  - and the alliance with the Aosta Valley proves itself to be very strategic and aimed to define a production system that develops a key role in the economic plan and/or the biodiversity plan and territory management . Very positive – the choice to realise the manifestation in Milan, capital of enogastronomy made in Italy. Now it is necessary to find a planning model capable to offer results in the commercial and distribution area with aim to highly value a quality that it is under the eyes of everyone>>. The promotion of the product in fact for the assessor Fava << has to be inseparably connected to  the landmark of the main commercial channels, including those of e-commerce, type of sales that gain interesting growths, mainly in the wine sector.

<< A very interesting  experience –underlined the agriculture assessor of the Autonomic Region of  Aosta Valley, Renzo Testolin; Aosta Valley is being placed with her 2000 meters of altitude among the excellence regarding the vitivinicol sector and the mountain viticulture. A point of reference in national and international context that allows us, beside the modest quantity that we produce to  evidence the local vineyards that identify and represent  a complete territory, an aspect that is very important for the nowadays consumer  for being able to find something unique, special and excellent.  The quantity that we produce –has followed –around 2 million bottles, a restricted number of course that requires to  bring to our region people that are willing to taste our wine and visit our lands to make it understandable that these territories and our wines are valued for the difficulty of the conditions in which they are cultivated and this way giving the wine a fair price. High visibility opportunities like the one in Milan, with CERVIM, are fundamental in this path that as a regional administration we aim to continue.

 CERVIM - Public Relations Office

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