International wine competition MONDIAL DES VINS EXTREMES

11 - 13 July 2019
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The competition

The competition selects the best wines from extreme viticulture with the aim of promoting and safeguarding the produce from small vine-growing areas having their own distinctive history, traditions and uniqueness; areas with high environmental and landscape value, mostly cultivating local vine varieties.They are true “islands of wine-growing biodiversity“ which, however, are in danger of disappearing due to their high production costs (it costs 10 times as much to keep a vineyard here than in flat areas).


Wine allowed

The Mondial des Vins Extrêmes is open to all wines produced using grapes from vineyards that have one of permanent structural difficulties, such as: altitudes over 500 metres above sea level, excluding vineyards on high plateaus; slopes with gradients greater than 30%; vines grown on terraces or embankments; vines grown on small islands. Wines which may take part in the competition – are those labelled with the PDO Protected Denomination of Origin, or with the PGI Protected Geographical Indication

Altitudes over 500 metres above sea level

Slopes with gradients greater than 30%

vines grown on terraces or embankments

Vines grown on small islands

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